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The firm and its founder Jim Bruce have demonstrated expertise in booking, recordings, career development, event planning, consultation, marketing, publicity, media production and talent management since 1989.  We book national, regional and local acts throughout the Midwest for charities, special events, clubs, corporates, weddings, private events, fairs, festivals, casinos and other venues.  We pride ourselves in being the event planner for charities and special events uniting the artist with the cause.
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Todd Berry Band is a Columbus OH based band that is fronted by Nashville recording artist Todd Berry. On lead guitar and backup vocals you will find Rob Longest, on bass and backup vocals Mr. Kenny Baird, our keyboard specialist and backup vocals is the one and only Ed Rothacker and you will find keeping the beat Ron Ley on drums as well as backup vocals.  Together they bring you a high energy, professional show at a reasonable price that includes original, country, country rock, blues and oldie covers. They also do Elvis and Buddy Holly tributes.  The Todd Berry Band can also features new country artist Kalysta Minton.


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​James Paul Music Publishing (BMI)
JPaul Music Publishing (ASCAP)


 Our Songwriters


William Curtis
Licensing Manager

William Curtis
Debbie Collins
Brandi Lynn Howard
Tamanie Dove
​David Fredieu
Jamar Leath
​Stephen Mason
Susan Munywoki
Jason Wright
​Matt Maloof
Bo Daniels
​Mary Marth
​Mike Allen
​Jenny Trindall

Administrator for:

Chris Eagan World Publishing 

Jim Bruce Debbie Collins signing with BMI (Nashville) 1994

James Paul Music Publishing (BMI) was established in 1994 to provide a copyright service for songwriters and generate royalty revenue for both the songwriters and the publishing company.  We established James Paul Music, a publishing company through Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) Nashville, Tennessee.   James Paul Music is concerned with administering copyrights, licensing songs to record companies and others, and collecting royalties on behalf of the songwriter.   Other services include issuing Mechanical Licenses, Synchronization Licenses, Print Licenses and Song Plugging.   Added JPaul Music Publishing (ASCAP) in 2017.

What types of royalties do you collect?
James Paul Music Publishing collects the publisher’s share of performance and mechanical royalties for compositions on behalf of songwriters.
We collect these from the US and abroad via Performing Rights Organizations and other collection agencies. We also collect the label portion of any
unclaimed* non-interactive digital performance royalties for sound recordings from SoundExchange.

Performance royalty sources (included but not limited to):
Radio stations (terrestrial, satellite)
TV stations (network, cable)
Live venues (stadiums, bars, restaurants)

Online streaming services (Spotify, Rhapsody)

Mechanical royalty sources (included but not limited to):
Interactive streaming services (Spotify, Rhapsody)
Sales of music outside the US (iTunes, Amazon)

What are performance royalties?
Performance royalties are paid by Performing Rights Organizations to songwriters and publishers for the public broadcast of music.
These royalties come from blanket license fees paid to Performing Rights Organizations by businesses who broadcast music (e.g. radio / TV stations,
live venues, restaurants).  There is no set rate for performance royalties – they vary quarter-by-quarter depending on variable factors, such as the total
amount of license fees collected by the Performing Rights Organization.

What are mechanical royalties?
Mechanical royalties must be paid by a third-party (normally a record label) for the recording, manufacture and distribution of copyright-protected music.
The current statutory mechanical royalty rate for physical recordings (such as CDs) and permanent digital downloads is 9.1¢ for recordings of a song 5 minutes
or less, and 1.75¢ per minute or fraction thereof for those over 5 minutes. These rates only apply to compulsory licenses as outlined in Section 115 of the
1976 U.S. Copyright Act.  You are also able to directly negotiate regarding the terms of mechanical licenses you issue – whether to your record label or other
artists/labels seeking to cover your songs.