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Access Entertainment Group  established in 1989 books local, regional  and national entertainment.  We have every available form of entertainment for your festival, fair, fundraiser or event.  If you are looking for something we do not have listed we will do our best to get the perfect entertainer for you based on your budget.  Give us a call today to make your dream concert come true.                                                         


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 The largest Independent Internet based record label in the world!!!

Spotlight Records was founded by James Bruce in 1995. The company provides the following services: develop, book, promote, market, produce, publish and distribute artists and their muisic.

Featured Spotlight Records Artist
David Church

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David Church can be mesmerizing when performing, as you close your eyes and go back years listening to Hanks songs. His presentation is done with style, integrity of the music, and from the heart. David has some songs of his own that I believe are some of the very best country music has had in many a year. Catch his performances live and I'll guarantee you'll come away totally satisfied and waiting to tell your friends about it and ready for another show.
Minnesota Times, Larry Rose 5/2013 

David Church is a rare entertainment entity. David performs the songs and creates a visual presentation that is absolutely dazzling to witness! And, if that were all that David could do in this music business, one would think that's quite an accomplishment, but David stands on his own with his original music. And that my friends makes for a very powerful package! My Rising Star pick, David Church." Bruce Maier, Editer, Damn Good Tunes Magazine. 03/12/2011

Featured Spotlight Records Artist
Kalysta Minton

This young lady age 14 is on the verge of stardom.  Kalyista Minton is one of those special talents that has a voice of great range and beauty that can cover the best of the female talents of today and yesteryear.   Kalyista loves to sing songs sung by Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Adele, Martina McBride, and Dolly Parton just to mention a few. 
Kalyista has had the privilege to sing at the Clinton County Fair, Brown County Fair, Clermont County Fair, the 4th of July Celebration in Ripley Ohio, the Manchester River Days, The Ohio Rural Heritage Festival, The Murphy Theater,  and has appeared on Channel 4 News in Nashville Tennessee! Kalyista has sung the National Anthem at the Famous Horse Dawn Carriage Parade in Lebanon, Ohio.  She has also performed at the Rising Sun Casino in Indiana and sang at the Famous Tootsies Lounge in Nashville. Other accomplishments include a performance at Cincinnati's Jim n Jacks on The River and entertained at the Fairfield, Ohio Theatre celebrating its 60th Anniversary for the City! The Mayor just loved her!! Kalysta has performed at Graceland for a Blue Christmas Show in Memphis, Tennessee.  Last year she was the only non-Elvis performer at the show.  This year she has performed at The Nashville Palace and The Maxwell House Mellennium Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. She performs either solo or with a band.  Kalysta has just signed a record contract with Spotlight Records out of Columbus, Ohio to be released the first of next year.


Artists we've worked with...

Richard Marx

Tanya Tucker

Mila Mason

Tommy James

   Hotel California

Mark Preston

James Paul Music Publishing

James Paul Music Publishing (BMI) was established in 1994 to provide a copyright service for songwriters and generate royalty revenue for both the songwriters and the publishing company.  We established James Paul Music, a publishing company through Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) Nashville, Tennessee.   James Paul Music is concerned with administering copyrights, licensing songs to record companies and others, and collecting royalties on behalf of the songwriter.   Other services include issuing Mechanical Licenses, Synchronization Licenses, Print Licenses and Song Plugging.   Added JPaul Music Publishing (ASCAP) in 2017.

What types of royalties do you collect?
James Paul Music Publishing collects the publisher’s share of performance and mechanical royalties for compositions on behalf of songwriters.  We collect these from the US and abroad via Performing Rights Organizations and other collection agencies. We also collect the label portion of any unclaimed* non-interactive digital performance royalties for sound recordings from SoundExchange.  Performance royalty sources (included but not limited to):  Radio stations (terrestrial, satellite), TV stations (network, cable), Live venues (stadiums, bars, restaurants), Online streaming services (Spotify, Rhapsody), Mechanical royalty sources (included but not limited to):  Interactive streaming services (Spotify, Rhapsody), Sales of music outside the US (iTunes, Amazon)
What are performance royalties?
Performance royalties are paid by Performing Rights Organizations to songwriters and publishers for the public broadcast of music.  hese royalties come from blanket license fees paid to Performing Rights Organizations by businesses who broadcast music (e.g. radio / TV stations, live venues, restaurants).  There is no set rate for performance royalties – they vary quarter-by-quarter depending on variable factors, such as the total amount of license fees collected by the Performing Rights Organization.

What are mechanical royalties?
Mechanical royalties must be paid by a third-party (normally a record label) for the recording, manufacture and distribution of copyright-protected music.  The current statutory mechanical royalty rate for physical recordings (such as CDs) and permanent digital downloads is 9.1¢ for recordings of a song 5 minutes or less, and 1.75¢ per minute or fraction thereof for those over 5 minutes. These rates only apply to compulsory licenses as outlined in Section 115 of the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act.  You are also able to directly negotiate regarding the terms of mechanical licenses you issue – whether to your record label or other
artists/labels seeking to cover your songs.

​ Paul DeMarco

​Jay Matthes

​ Stephen Mason

Our songwriters

Melvin Dobesteen
Jay Matthes
Jay Brehmer
David Woods
Paul Demarco
​Tamanie Dove
​David Fredieu
Jamar Leath
​Stephen Mason
Susan Munywoki
Jason Wright
​Matt Maloof
Bo Daniels​
​Mary Marth
​​Jenny Trindall

David A. Pritchett
David Young


​Jenny Trindall

​Susan Munywoki

​Tamanie Dove

 ​Jamar Leath

​   Mary Marth

​​​Bo Daniels

​Matt Maloof

  ​Jason Wright

​David Fredieu

Jim Bruce
(with Debbie Collins. Signing with BMI,1994)

David Church

Kalysta Minton

     Sound of Touch  

​     Todd Berry

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